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The Leaders In Film, Slide & Video Tape Transfers


We specialize in all Regular 8mm, Super 8mm film transfers

and 35 mm slides.  We also transfer old VHS tapes to DVD,

Blu-Ray and Digital Formats.


Our color correction and image enhancement processes

are included in the base price so most films will look much better. Possibly better than they’ve ever looked. 


The Bad News: We cannot improve film that is blurry,

under / over exposed or damaged due to humidity and mildew.


The Good News: We can edit out the poor quality scenes so your digital film transfer is more enjoyable to watch.


The Best News: All your films are transferred in our studio here in Grand Blanc, Michigan. We never send your films out.


Optional Services: We can create title graphics for each reel, add background music and insert chapter points for instant access to any segment on your DVD or Blu-Ray disk.


Turnaround time for most transfers in 5 business days.